As an artist I seek to create a dialogue between myself and my viewers. Not with words, but affect and sentiment. It is not the artists job to force an agenda on the viewer, but rather to effectively communicate their message in a convincing way, that if possible may stir the viewer and guide them to a place of understanding and feeling what the artist is thinking. 

I make it my goal in my approach to confidently portray my thoughts and feelings in a visual way using realistic and surrealistic elements. This is intended to bring the viewer directly into contact with my inner visual thought process as I perceive it, whether it be an idea, dream, imagination, or conviction.

I seek to draw from the experiences of others and through my art resonate with my audience in some way to generate a rapport and social connection that for the viewer bipasses my physical expression and cuts directly into what I am thinking, with the full force of the emotion and guiding sentiment behind it.

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