Be a Model

If you live in or near the Binghamton, NY area and are interested in modeling, I would be happy to review your information.

Modeling includes partial nudity (in some cases) in the presence of one or more persons while the subject (i.e. the model) is being rendered. This will include maintain poses for twenty minutes at a time or more for up to four hours per session. Each initial session will include some photography to maintain the pose as well as reference photos for when the model is not in session.

Payment will be determined on signing model release and contract.

Model Consent Agreement

I am Currently accepting both male and female models of varying builds and heights, though slim to athletic builds are encouraged. That does not mean however that  I am not interested in other models, so apply anyway! Even if we do not enter session right away, I will still keep your information in case a need arises for your build type. I also do figure studies, so I may still find use of models who do not fit the criteria for the pieces I am currently working on. A positive work relationship obviously improves the likelihood of future gigs.

What I need from you:

Before we agree to do a session – to apply, send in a head shot and a body shot (nude, but bathing suits are fine). When I model, I don’t model nude myself either, so I understand that some have a more modest disposition. Also send in any work history you may have. A lack of experience does not exclude you from selection. Also, tell me about yourself. You must be eighteen or older (the nudity and consent to use your likeness thing again). Also tell me how far you are traveling to work, so if necessary, appropriate compensation may be made. Feel free to include something personal so I get a sense of who you are.

Once we have determined you are a candidate –  initially we will discuss the specifics of what I need from you for the session either in person or over the phone – such as what to bring, what to wear, what you will be modeling for, and what you will be doing during the session. This may vary during the actual session, but the essentials will probably not change.

Please bring a printed and signed contract and model release when you come.  You can find these at the bottom of the page.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

-Will Dwiggins

for question or more information contact me at:


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